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Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
HICSS-48 2015 Minitrack: Theory and Information Systems
(Organizational Systems and Technology track)

The "Theory and Information Systems" minitrack invites submissions that review, integrate, or utilize meta-analytic approaches to building cumulative theory. Submissions which present “local” contextual theory are also welcome. Research over the last decades has emphasized theory development in IS and other social and behavioral science disciplines. The resulting proliferation of theories and constructs may have redundancies, overlaps, and span disciplinary boundaries. Theory reviews, meta-analysis, and interrogation will help produce a cumulative tradition that will beneafit the disciplines by producing meta-theory and frameworks to understand the relationships among theories. The goal of this minitrack is to provide social and behavioral sciences research with a better understanding of fundamental IS-relevant theories, help organize our theories to be accessible to practice, and increase our understanding of the philosophical commitments represented in their use.

Topics of interest in this minitrack include but are not limited to:

  1. Integration or synthesis of social and behavioral science theories;
  2. The theoretical ties and boundary spanning across different disciplines (e.g. healthcare and IS, and sustainability science and IS, energy informatics), and the trends in theories;
  3. Approaches to theory meta-analysis (meta-review, meta-theorization, meta-statistical analysis)
  4. Research on ontologies, taxonomies, frameworks, and categorizations of constructs and variables used in information system theories;
  5. The use of natural language processing, data mining, and predictive analytics to better understand and interrogate theories;
  6. Discussion of the roles of theories used to explain, approaches used to predict (e.g. neural nets and big data), and of theories of understanding;
  7. Exploration of the dependencies of constructs and variables;
  8. Exploration of the boundaries of theory “domains.”

This minitrack also has an associated ISWorld website devoted to theories used in IS research which won the 2005 AISWorldNet Challenge Award for the best website based on AISWorldNet user voting. We intend to uphold this high standard and advance the website further by increasing the synergy between mini-track outcomes and website content.

For further conference details, schedules and submission guidelines, please see here.

We hope to see you in Hawaii in January 2015!

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Dirk S. Hovorka, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Sydney Business School University of Sydney New South Wales, AU

Kai R. Larsen. PhD Associate Professor Leeds School of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado 80309

About HICSS – General CfP

The purpose of HICSS is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, research results, development activities, and applications among academicians and practitioners in computer-based systems sciences. The conference consists of tutorials, advanced seminars, presentations of accepted papers, open forum, tasks forces, and plenary and distinguished guest lectures. There is a high degree of interaction and discussion among the conference participants because the conference is conducted in a workshop-like setting.

Instructions for submitting papers:

  1. Submit an electronic copy of the full paper, 10 pages including title page, abstract, references and diagrams using the review system available at the HICSS site, make sure that the authors’ names and affiliation information has been removed to ensure an anonymous review.
  2. Do not submit the paper to more than one minitrack. The paper should contain original material and not be previously published or currently submitted for consideration elsewhere.
  3. Provide the required information to the review system such as title, full name of all authors, and their complete addresses including affiliation(s), telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es).
  4. The first page of the paper should include the title and a (max) 300-word abstract.


  • May 15: OPTIONAL: Abstracts submitted to Minitrack Chairs for guidance, indication of appropriate content and to receive instructions on submitting full paper.
  • June 15: Full papers uploaded in the directory of the appropriate minitrack.
  • August 15: Notification of accepted papers mailed to authors.
  • September 15: Accepted manuscripts, camera-ready, uploaded; author(s) must register by this time.