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Social capital theory

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IS articles that use the theory
Individual, Group, Organization and Community
== IS articles that use the theory ==
Kankanhalli, A., Tan, B. C. Y., and Wei, K. K. "[ Contributing Knowledge to Electronic Knowledge Repositories: An Empirical Investigation]," MIS Quarterly (29:1), 2005, pp. 113-143.
Kanungo, S. "On the emancipatory role of rural information systems," Information Technology & People (17:4) 2004, p 407.
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Wasko, M.M., and Faraj, S. "[ Why should I share? Examining social capital and knowledge contribution in electronic networks of practice]," MIS Quarterly (29:1) 2005, p 35.
Widen-Wulff, G., and Ginman, M. "Explaining knowledge sharing in organizations through the dimensions of social capital," Journal of Information Science (30:5) 2004, p 448.
Yuan, Y.C., Gay, G., and Hembrooke, H. "Focused Activities and the Development of Social Capital in a Distributed Learning Community," Information Society (22:1) 2006, p 25.  
== Links from this theory to other theories ==
[[Social network theory]], [[Organizational knowledge creation]], [[Equity theory]]

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