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Punctuated equilibrium theory

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IS articles that use the theory
Group, Organization, Industry, Society
== IS articles that use the theory ==
Chidambaram, L. (1996) [ Relational Development in Computer-Supported Groups], MIS Quarterly, 20(2), 143-165.
Jarvenpaa, S.L., Shaw, T.R., Staples, D.S. (2004) [ Toward Contextualized Theories of Trust: The Role of Trust in Global Virtual Teams], Information Systems Research, 15(3), 250-267.
Jasperson, J., Carter, P.E. and Zmud, R.W. (2005) A Comprehensive Conceptualization of Post-Adoptive Behaviors Associated with Information Technology Enabled Work Systems, MIS Quarterly, 29(3), 525-557.
Street, C.T. and Meister, D.B. (2004) Small Business Growth and Internal Transparency: The Role of Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, 28(3), 473-506.
== Links from this theory to other theories ==
[[Evolutionary theory]], Population Ecology, Self-Organization Theory

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