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Evolutionary theory

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IS articles that use the theory
Shakun, M. F. (1991). Airline buyout: Evolutionary systems design and problem restructuring in group decision and negotiation. Management Science, 37(10), 1291-1303.
Teo, T. S. H., & King, W. R. (1997). [ Integration between business planning and information systems planning: An evolutionary-contingency perspective. ] Journal of Management Information Systems, 14(1), 185-214.
Todd, P. A., McKeen, J. D., & Gallupe, R. B. (1995). The evolution of IS job skills: A content analysis of IS job advertisements from 1970 to 1990. MIS Quarterly, 19(1), 1-27.
Williams, C., & Mitchell, W. (2004). Focusing firm evolution: The impact of information infrastructure on market entry by U.S. telecommunications companies, 1984-1998. Management Science, 50(11), 1561-1575.  
== Links from this theory to other theories ==
Evolutionary theory provides an important foundation for fit theories such as [[Task-technology fit]] and is related to [[Diffusion of innovations theory]] theory to the extent that DOI offers a theory of change. [[Resource-based view of the firm]] of the firm is partially based on evolutionary economics as expressed by authors such as Nelson and Winter (1982). It is also related to [[Punctuated equilibrium theory]] and [[Knowledge-based theory of the firm]].

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