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* '''2013-02-28IS Theories Wiki is now part of the portal.'''*: A new minitrack For construct discovery, try out the internomological network at HICSS has been created entitled "Theories in IS Research". Find more information [http://wwwINN.hicssTheorizeIt.hawaiiorg hereorg].]*:
*[[Absorptive capacity theory]]
*[[Actor network theory]]
*[[Accountability theory]]
*[[Adaptive structuration theory]]
*[[Administrative behavior, theory of]]
*[[Argumentation theory]]
*[[Behavioral decision theory]]
*[[Belief Action Outcome Model|Belief Action Outcome Framework]]
*[[Boundary object theory]]
*[[Chaos theory]]
*[[Critical social theory]]
*[[Critical success factors, theory of]]
*[[Customer based Discrepancy Theory]]
*[[Customer Focus Theory]]
*[[Deferred action, theory of]]
*[[Delone and McLean IS success model]]
*[[Design Theory]]
*[[Diffusion of innovations theory]]
*[[Dynamic capabilities]]
*[[Elaboration likelihood model]]
*[[Embodied social presence theory]]
*[[Equity theory]]
*[[General systems theory]]
*[[General deterrence theory]]
*[[General Strain Theory|General Strain theory]]
*[[Hedonic-motivation system adoption model (HMSAM)]]
*[[Illusion of control]]
*[[Impression management, theory of]]
*[[Information processing theory]]
*[[Information warfare]]
*[[Institutional theory]]
*[[International information systems theory]]
*[[Kellers Motivational Model | Keller's Motivational Model]]
*[[Knowledge-based theory of the firm]]
*[[Language action perspective]]
*[[Lemon Market Theory|Information asymmetry theory (lemon market)]]
*[[Management fashion theory]]
*[[Media richness theory]]
*[[Modal aspects, theory of]]
*[[Multi-attribute utility theory]]
*[[Multi-motive information systems continuance model (MISC)]]
*[[Organizational culture theory]]
*[[Organizational information processing theory]]
*[[Process virtualization theory]]
*[[Prospect theory]]
*[[Protection motivation theory (NEW entry!)|Protection motivation theory]]
*[[Punctuated equilibrium theory]]
*[[Real options theory]]
*[[Resource-based view of the firm]]
*[[Resource dependency theory]]
*[[Selective organizational information privacy and security violations model (SOIPSVM)]]
*[[Self-efficacy theory]]
*[[Signaling|Signaling theory]]
*[[Social Bond Theory]]
*[[Social capital theory]]
*[[Social cognitive theory]]
*[[Social Comparison Theory]]
*[[Social exchange theory]]
*[[Social Influence Theory]] (of Kelman)
*[[Social learning theory]]
*[[Social network theory]]
*[[Social Penetration Theory]]
*[[Social shaping of technology]]
*[[Socio-technical theory]]
*[[Stakeholder theory]]
*[[Structuration theory]]
*[[Structured process modeling theory (SPMT)]]
*[[Task closure theory]]
*[[Task-technology fit]]
*[[Technology dominance, theory of]]
*[[Technology-organization-environment framework]]
*[[Technology Threat Avoidance Theory (TTAT)|Technology Threat Avoidance Theory]]
*[[Theory of collective action]]
*[[Theory of planned behavior]]
*[[Theory of reasoned action]]
*[[Theory of slack resources (TSR)|Theory of slack resources]]
*[[Transaction cost economics]]
*[[Transactive memory theory]]

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