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==Recent Changes==
In 2011, many of the articles on this site were modified by "spam 'bots," which altered page text by inserting links to various websites. Our thanks go the students of BYU's Information Systems PhD Preparation program (Dave Eargle, Arthur WeagleWeagel, Lee J Hinkle, Adam Thompson, and Jeremiah Maughan) who reviewed and edited each article to remove the errant links.
To prevent this from happening again, we have added a "captcha" to the account creation page to be sure that only humans gain access to modify pages on this wiki. Unfortunately, many (perhaps a majority) of the user accounts at this site were created by these 'bots. Although some of these accounts could be clearly identified, there were many others which were very difficult to determine if they were valid or not. Rather than risking leaving some 'bot-created accounts active, we have opted to delete all user accounts and require valid users to recreate their accounts under our new procedure. We realize that this will be of a minor inconvenience for some valid uses but we felt the integrity of the site was worth the one-time difficulty for our valid users.

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