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== '''Multi-attribute utility theory''' ==
== '''Multi-attribute utility theory''' ==

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Multi-attribute utility theory



Alternate name(s)

Multiple-Attribute Utility Theory

Main dependent construct(s)/factor(s)

mathematical model

Main independent construct(s)/factor(s)

a set of attributes with upper and lower bounds

designer preferences and tradeoffs, typically expressed as probabilistic outcomes

Concise description of theory

a family of methods for conducting decision analysis in complex problems

Diagram/schematic of theory

Originating author(s)

Keeney, R.L. and Raiffa, H. Decisions with Multiple Objectives: Preferences and Value Tradeoffs. New York, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

Seminal articles

Chatterjee, S., & Heath, T. B. (1996). Conflict and loss aversion in multiattribute choice: The effects of trade-off size and reference dependence on decision difficulty. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 67(2), 144-155.

Dyer, J. S., Fishburn, P. C., Steuer, R. E., Wallenius, J., & Zionts, S. (1992). Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Multiattribute Utility Theory. Management Science, 38(5).

Fischer, G. W., Carmon, Z., Ariely, D., & Zauberman, G. (1999). Goal-based construction of preferences: Task goals and the prominence effect. Management Science, 45(8), 1057-1075.

Häubl, G., & Trifts, V. (2000). Consumer Decision Making in Online Shopping Environments: The Effects of Interactive Decision Aids. Marketing Science, 19(1), 4-21.

Originating area

Decision Theory, Engineering

Level of analysis


IS articles that use the theory

Kamis, A. (2006). Search Strategies in Shopping Engines: An Experimental Investigation. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 11(1), 63-84.

Umanath, N. S., & Vessey, I. (1994). Multiattribute data presentation and human judgment: A cognitive fit perspective. Decision Sciences, 25(5,6), 795-824.

Zigurs, I., & Buckland, B. (1998). A theory of task/technology fit and group support systems effectiveness. MIS Quarterly, 22(3), 313-334.

Links from this theory to other theories

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External links

Design Decisions Wiki
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Original Contributor(s)

Arnold Kamis

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