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Alternate name(s)

Main dependent construct(s)/factor(s)

  • Information resources

Main independent construct(s)/factor(s)

  • Actors, offensive operations, defensive operations

Concise description of theory

  • The theory of information warfare explains and integrates operations involving a diverse collection of actors and media within a single framework. The theory is centered on the value of information resources that hold information and on "win-lose" operations that affect that value. Offensive and defensive information warfare is expressed in terms of actors, targets, methods, technologies, outcomes, policies, and laws. Information warfare can target or exploit any type of information resources--physical environments, print and storage media, broadcast media, telecommunications, and computers and computer networks.

Diagram/schematic of theory

Originating author(s)

  • Dorothy Elizabeth Robling Denning

Seminal articles

  • Denning, D. E. (1999). Information warfare and security (8th ed.). MA, USA: ACM Press Books.

Originating area

  • Computer science

Level of analysis

  • Organisation

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IS articles that use the theory

  • Brumley, L., Kopp, C., & Korb, K. B. (2012). Cutting Through the Tangled Web: An Information-Theoretic Perspective on Information Warfare. Air Power Australia Analyses, 9(2), 1.
  • Dollens, J. T. (2002). Computer System Self-Defense Through Object Self/Non-Self Recognition (Doctoral dissertation, Nova Southeastern University).
  • Horne, C. A., Ahmad, A., & Maynard, S. B. (2016). A theory on information security. Paper presented at the The 27th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Wollongong, Australia.
  • Thompson P., Cybenko G., Giani A. (2004) Cognitive Hacking. In: Camp L.J., Lewis S. (eds) Economics of Information Security. Advances in Information Security, vol 12. Springer, Boston, MA.

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